Arundel Foot & Ankle Group, LLC
Tracy Wertheimer Bramble, DPM
        Podiatrist, Foot & Ankle Surgeon


During her adolescent years Dr. Bramble became very interested in the human foot and how important it is to the human body. She began to question things about the foot and her curiosity grew.

It was no surprise when Dr. Bramble announced her decision to research the wonderful world of podiatry. The road was not an easy one, but it definitely was worth it.

Dr. Bramble enjoys a challenge and consistently seeks to learn all that she can about the human foot.

She works with the young and elderly. She always takes time to understand each individuals situation in depth. No problem is too big or too small and all of her patients receive the same care and attention. Dr. Bramble is a dedicated physician who loves her job and loves her patients.

Dr. Tracy Wertheimer Bramble graduated from St. Johns University, located in Jamaica, NY in 1995.  Here she earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology and Pre Med. 

In 1999, Dr. Bramble graduated from Barry University, School of Podiatric medicine, Miami, FL where she earned her degree in Podiatric medicine.

Dr. Bramble possesses certifications of residency in the following:

 ·  Primary Podiatric Medicine

 ·  Podiatric Orthopedics

 ·  Podiatric Surgery

Dr. Bramble is Board Certified by the Amercian Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry in Primary Medicine.

Dr. Bramble is always up for a challenging game of tennis or a peaceful ride on her roller blades, when she is not working. Dr. Bramble also enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Those who know her describe her as compassionate, loving and willing to do anything for anybody.